4015 Men's Dance Sneaker

Anna Kern
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This exceptional fitting and cushioned Sneaker has a split-sole. Due to it's flexibility and thin PU-sole it suits perfectly for Zumba, Salsa, Traing and Jazz.
  • Heel-height
    Enticingly and shock-absorbent comfortable 1 cm with a broad step surface
  • Fitting
    This article has the last-shape "Suny I". All articles with this last-shape have a comparable fit, depending on the material and cut
  • Footbed
    Exceptional soft and flexible as well as exchangable footbed
  • Material
    Soft glove-quality knit that provides a particularly gentle and supple fit
  • Lining
    Wonderful feel (while dancing) with high-quality breathable and moisture-absorbent leather lining
  • Outsole
    Extremely flexible PU-Sole for light and controllable turning and gliding