About Us

Welcome to Dance Stop!


Dance has always been a passion of mine from an early age. It wasn't until my aunty suggested I start ballet at the age of 9 that I started official classes. I have fond memories of going with my mum to my local shop to purchase my first pair of ballet flats. I remember watching an older dancer walk out ahead of me with her new pointe shoes and feeling that sense of excitement. Little did I know that over a decade later I would be the one on the other side of the counter.


We founded Dance Stop in 2015. We are a family owned business based in Lower Hutt, NZ and take pride in hand picking all of our products from some of the leading dance brands. I love expanding our range, discovering new products and I have a soft spot for pointe shoe accessories. I enjoy working with dancers and teachers to keep up with the latest trends in dance fashion. This really is my dream job!


Between us we have a wealth of knowledge and enjoy sharing our experiences with our customers. I am a registered RAD ballet teacher and qualified Polish folk dance instructor. I have worked with dancers of all ages and performed overseas. Through my time at Dance Stop I have also attended multiple shoe fitting seminars and workshops. Watching dancers grow, hearing about their achievements and being with them on their dance journey is really magical.


It is my goal to supply dancers with good quality products to support them on this journey.