Your First Pointe Fitting

‚ÄčAs any experienced ballet dancer will tell you, your pointe shoes can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. The right fit ensures that you’ll be able to work safely and gives you a solid foundation for your pointe technique. With a huge array of different makes, models and customization options, it can be extremely difficult to find the right shoe! Seeing a professional fitter for your first pair—and coming to your appointment prepared—will set you up for success.

Get Advice

Wait for your teacher to give you the OK to buy pointe shoes (They may even like to come with you!). Ask them to recommend a style that might be suitable for you. They may also suggest what padding to use.

Book Ahead

Call us ahead of time to book an appointment. This will ensure someone is available to fit you. Dance Stop will take bookings any day of the week. Please set aside about 1 hour for your first fitting. 04 939 2252

Come Prepared

Come dressed appropriately so that the fitter can see your lines clearly. Wear convertible ballet tights and comfortable clothing.You may be asked to plie and stretch! Try to not schedule an appointment straight after your ballet class. Your feet may be slightly swollen from dancing and will change the way the shoes fit.

What to Expect

The fitter will look at your feet to determine their shape. You may also be asked a lot of questions - there are no wrong answers! This is just to establish what type of shoe is the best fit for you. You will then be asked to try on a variety of shoes in different sizes and styles. The fitter may ask you to plie and stand en pointe at the barre.

Do not be afraid to be vocal! Your fitter will need as much detail as possible to establish the best and safest fit. While a pointe fitter can tell a dancer what shoe looks like, it is up to the dancer to decide if a certain shoe really fits.

While your first pair of pointe shoes is very exciting you may feel a bit nervous. Consider asking a friend if you can schedule your appointments together.